How to “Hold Qoin Accountable”

hands-upFollowing a recent communication from a disillusioned Symbid investor via my Tipline, I give here advice on how to achieve his objective . . . to hold the conmen accountable. Natural justice should be free for all, but in practice it always costs. For me it is my massive investment of time (and money) into researching a con such as Tradeqoin/Qoin. For others (like this guy who has been ripped off) it may cost as well. As Dietrich Bonheieffer quipped, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil”. Here I give the background to the Qoin Con, and pick out the key issues that those seeking justice should be aware of and give advice. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Qoin’s Conman Rob van Hilten’s Lies

tradeqoin-rob-van-hiltenFrontman for the Qoin Con is Rob van Hilten. In this post I turn the light on one of the conmen showing how simple facts get in the way of the truth. Caught lying once and you can be VERY sure that another one is just around the corner. Two, three, four or five times and the pattern is clear – truth and conmen are VERY long distant relations. Enjoy! [Read more…]

WARNING to Tradeqoin Members

tradeqoin-tradeqoin-tradeqoinThis is a public warning to Tradeqoin Members (and other participants in the Qoin Con) that within 7 days I will be listing all participants in the fraud, giving them a rating from RED, through ORANGE to GREEN in regards to their role in perpetuating the fraud. [Read more…]

Qoin’s Veritable Maze of Confusion

tqc-tqc-tqcIn this post I demonstrate some of Qoin’s various entities, current, past and ‘phantom’ companies showing how the essentially two-man con uses new companies for old, to confuse investors (and investigators). It’s a veritable rabbit-warren, a maze specifically engineered for successful confusion, except for those with inside information, [like me]. Enjoy these revelations . . . if you enjoy seeing crime unraveled in real-time. [Read more…]

The Qoin Con – Exposing them all

The Qoin Con - The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers

The Qoin Con – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers, launching February 2016

This post announces the launch of my new book THE QOIN CON – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers. [Read more…]

Dear IRTA: The Tradeqoin Fraud

This is an open letter to IRTA, regarding the ongoing Tradeqoin fraud, a failed business operated by an IRTA Board Member, brazenly misrepresenting its performance AND having solicited funds from the public by way of Crowdfunding on the back of such misrepresentations. I plead with them to act to stop the rot, before more muck comes out in public and more people lose money as a result of the scam being conducted within their own ranks. [Read more…]

Tradeqoin Revisited

tradeqoin-tradeqoin-tradeqoinFollowing a couple of online digs from Tradeqoin people who want the world to think that their baby is all fine, in this post I revisit the Tradeqoin business. Tradeqoin is a Dutch Trade Exchange, the flagship of vocal and longstanding Community Currency advocates Qoin, one that I’ve called a scam. Fifteen months since it’s inception, I share my take on the entire Tradeqoin operation – it’s a dead and dying business headed for bankruptcy. It’s claims of membership and trade volume are now even more fraudulent than when I first made them. Apart from summarising my previous findings, I also reveal new information showing how the people associated with it are comfortable with half-truths and outright deception. This is an ugly one! [Read more…]

Interview with TradeXchange – Netherlands

tradexchange-netherlandsIn this Interview with proprietors of TradeXchange, a Dutch Barter company, I dig deeper into a range of barter topics, their consistent long-term criticism of IRTA and UC; their conflict with fellow Dutch Trade Exchange operators Tradeqoin; as well as diving into some personality issues.

It will be a tough read for some, as these guys don’t beat about the bush and in that ‘delightful’ Dutch way, they just never give up calling a spade a spade!

Enjoy. [Read more…]

Tradeqoin Devalues

tradeqoin-devaluedIt took a while (and they pushed back at the thrust of my blogging) but Tradeqoin has now revised their business plans, lowered their crowdfunding ask and devalued their entire business as well. Great!

In this post I analyse their new figures, comment on their business plan changes and ask more questions of the entire Tradeqoin scam that exposes the Equidam valuation tool and perhaps the entire Symbid system. It’s a messy cresspit of ‘funny-ness’ that I believe should be examined in much more detail by the thought-leaders in the Dutch business community. [Read more…]

Questions for Tradeqoin Directors

tradeqoin-questionsThe following questions are ones that [if I was crowdfunding investor Krispijn], I would be asking Rob van Hilten from Tradeqoin. I’d ask them in writing prior to any meeting but I’d be expecting the meeting to suddenly be called off the instant that RVH received them . . . for the factual answers to these ones would reveal the scam that the Tradeqoin crowdfunding effort actually is! [Read more…]