BOOK REVIEW: Dr Judy Wood’s 9/11

It’s rare that I can rave about something. Judy Wood’s book “Where Did The Towers Go?” though ticks all the boxes for me. It’s a masterpiece in showing us how following the evidence brings simplicity in a sea of obfuscation, guesswork, disinformation and outright lies. Many ask the question “WHOdunnit?” before they work out what WHAT really happened. This book totally ignores the former question and ONLY addresses the latter. It is rare that people start with the basics. “The TV told us it was aeroplanes,” is the usual starting point. Throw in a few dancing Israelis, Bin Laden & terrorism as well as a couple of dodgy “official reports” and you’ve got conspiracy. Some dig deeper and get confused with planes/no-planes; controlled demolition; mini-nukes and more. Establishing the truth though requires mental energy and a flexible mind – I have both. I give this book a 10/10 with only a few very minor quibbles. I summarise the message contained in the book, but first start with my own 9-11 experiences by way of background. [Read more…]

AE911Truth Seeking Answers

ae911truthIn this Sermon from Samoa I use an example of a recent request from AE911Truth who were seeking answers on how to get their message out there (that the three buildings of 9-11 were deliberately demolished) to explain the Christian world-view, and how Jesus spread his message (that He was the son of God, the way the Truth and the life etc). [Read more…]

Credibility: Samoa Observer vs Blogger

defending-on-the-truthIn this post I share the entire contents of my Statement of Defence (and Counter-Counterclaim) in the $2m defamation case in the Supreme Court of Samoa, Samoa Observer vs Dennis Arthur Smith. I’m “going” on truth, nothing else. It’s now a full scale credibility war between the MSM and a blogger; between a Samoan High Chief and a Palagi (foreigner); a rich man vs poor man; a socially connected & powerful man vs a virtual social outcast. Legal Eagles will likely find it interesting.
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Analysing the Holocaust


A key German Concentration Camp – the alleged locations of millions of deaths by Holocaust promoters – electrified fences and many barracks built for containment purposes not extermination according to Revisionists. Image source

In this post I share the process that I have gone through (over a period of years) to research the Holocaust story, essentially that six million Jews were exterminated in Nazi Concentration Camps in WW2. What this post addresses is not so much whether or not it happened (it didn’t) but how I determine that reality. It’s revealing to see how an investigative blogger thinks and gets to the bottom of a contentious, murky issue. [Read more…]

Love is not the Antidote to Pride

samoa-observer-editorialIn this Sermon from Samoa, I quote a Samoa Observer Editorial in full (that is in essence a sermon in itself). I expand on the writer’s exhortation to share love, interspersing my comments to show that love is not the antidote to pride, applying this teaching specifically to the Samoan context.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

Which Church?

Baha'i Temple - A syncretising faith

Baha’i Temple – A syncretising faith

A visitor to Samoa can easily be perplexed when choosing a church with the plethora of churches here, and the mantra that Samoa is founded upon God.

Denominational differences are strong and choices range between the Catholic and the Protestant and a wide range of Protestant options, not to mention the Baha’i Faith.

In fact most visitors (unless predisposed in this regard) are not interested much in theology and will likely elect a church that is recommended to have a shorter service, good singing and perhaps holds their service in English.

The theological question remains however . . . which church in Samoa is right, or true? [Read more…]

Tell it like it is

Palagi Perspectives

The dream – a South pacific Island Paradise!

In 2007 I asked Dick Brunton, founder of Colmar Brunton, one of New Zealand’s leading research companies what the biggest take-home was from his many years in business.

“Authenticity in marketing,” was his reply. “People can smell ‘BS’ from 100 paces.”

“I believe that businesses should aim to create depth to the customer and staff sensory experience, but that authenticity in marketing that service is vital” he explained.

Put another way he was saying, “By all means, create something nice for people, but whatever you do, don’t misrepresent it to the world. Tell it like it is.” [Read more…]