Arguing about the Sin of Usury

In this post I try to explain to a detractor how usury is prohibited in scripture taking a feed from comments he has left in another thread. The essence of my argument is that God (the Lord) set the parameters for godly living which included a prohibition on charging of interest (also called usury). The detractor claims various exceptions and validations, plus gets a little confused with his logic. That the charging of interest is prohibited in scripture is a challenging fact which for many is a new idea, thus the effort taken here to clarify. I trust this helps explain it. [Read more…]

Parable teaches AGAINST Interest

Produce from Paradise

Produce from Paradise

In this Sermon from Samoa I explain how the Parable of the Talents is a biblical story where Jesus is teaching AGAINST usury (the charging of interest) not an endorsement of it. It is a misconstruing of the nature of the Creator and His Son, AND runs totally contrary to the rest of scripture to believe that the profiting by money loaned at interest is good, rather than the evil it actually is. Enjoy.   [Read more…]

Catholic Usury – Authorised 500 yrs ago

Pope Leo X - Authorising Usury for the first time on 4 April 1515 Image Source

Pope Leo X – Authorising Usury for the first time on 4 April 1515 Image Source

Five hundred years ago, Pope Leo X, authorised usury (the charging of interest), terminating 1500 years of Catholic/Christian prohibition. This single act opened the gates of usury hell, from which the flood has since never abated. In this post I explain the event, give background information putting the decision into proper political context, and make comment on the “slippery slide” in which the Catholic church (and most of Christendom) and in due course the entire Western world has found itself.

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