Victor Hafichuk “Nobody Is Perfect”


Victor Hafichuk – Path of Truth
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In this series I’ve been exposing the conduct of Victor Hafichuk and his Path of Truth, a Christian Ministry called a cult by many. Having previously shown logical failures, I now dig into the central issue of contention (as I currently see it) which is his elevated opinion of himself. I use his own words to show how pride confuses and eventually ensnares, both himself and [sadly] others. [Read more…]

Victor Hafichuk – The Other Side

the-path-of-truthThis post extends and develops my analysis of Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministry, which has in the last year become one of my most viewed pages. Commenters have universally ‘pinged’ him for running a cult. This despite my constant cautioning that I believe PoT to be a genuine Christian Ministry despite their caustic and divisive conduct and what I have called their serious flaws of excessive judgmentalism. It is written in the hope of bringing balance and reason into what is clearly a serious and ongoing situation for many. [Read more…]

“Path of Truth Cult” – Vanity Search

In this post, I share a communication from a Path of Truth insider who identifies [probably] himself as Manny who searched for the phrase “path of truth cult” and landed on my analysis. There are two parts to this post, the first a simple professional email exchange, and the second the detailed back-and-forth comments primarily relating to Manny’s concern at my arrogance and errors. I’ve invested a substantial amount of time into the interchange, enjoyed it and trust that it helps people understand a little more about Path of Truth, myself, and hopefully a little more of the good things of life! SHOCK WARNING: Excessive testosterone ahead!

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More from Victor Hafichuk

the-truth-or-elseIn this post I share more from Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministries in particular an email response to a guy who challenged both of us. I give a copy of my own reply and then share Victor’s response making comments. [Read more…]