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The Philanthropists Graveyard

Some of us have a simple home!

I‘ve observed many well-meaning people try to help Samoa and almost just as many fall by the wayside, often getting hurt in the process. In some ways you could call Samoa a philanthropists graveyard.

In this Sermon from Samoa I draw attention to the challenges of giving meaningfully, and encourage us to question the real purpose behind our giving. I also caution against lop-sided patronising giving and explain how most giving is actually non-scriptural. [Read more…]

The other side of Peter Vandever

Peter Vandever

Peter Vandever – Missionary, from his Facebook page

I write this post with a mixture of sadness, yet a resolve born of bitter experience, knowing that while the truth sometimes hurts, in the long run it is ALWAYS the best policy.

I wish to share the “other side” to a clearly unique, passionate and talented individual who I befriended online earlier this year;┬áPeter Vandever, but whom I believe to be not presenting himself fully honestly to the world.

I write primarily for the Christian community, especially those who have engaged with Peter and his missionary and evangelistic work in some way. [Read more…]